Upon arrival the staff was very cordial and sweet. The office is veryy clean, the assistants are extremely professional and the Dr was incredibly informative!!! I am super satisfied with the experience! The location is perfect as it is right beside the highway!
– Yessenia

Great staff, super welcoming and attentive. Doctor is courteous and clear on his diagnosis. Had a long wait time to get seen by the doctor, but the staff explained that the wait was due to an patient emergency. Definitely found my primary dentist.
– Mario

I went to see Dr. Jesus Carpio in September of this year he took a lot of time to explain the procedure and reassured me of all my concerns … His staff was extremely professional and helpful. I have already made appointments for my two children as well to see Dr. Jesus Carpio and his friendly staff.
– Amanda

Wow I was very much pleased with my visit. The doctor was very good and helpful, and the service was outstanding not to mention The staff was very friendly, funny and welcoming, I didn’t have a long wait like other offices I’ve gone to which was great. I found my new favorite office :)! Thanks dental dreams.
– Anonymous

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Carpio for about 9 years. I love his practice and the girls that work with him are absolutely amazing. I’ve done ortho treatment, whitening, deep cleanings, crowns and much more and the service quality has always been top notch. I actually moved about 2 hours away 3 years ago and I refuse to see any other dentist. Dr.Carpio is very accommodating and he makes sure that he can see me on Saturdays which works great with my schedule. My husband and my brother are very long time patients too. I would recommend Dental Dreams to everyone.
– Susana

Been a patient of Dental Dreams and Dr. Carpio for well over 5 years. I’ve had exams, cleaning, deep cleaning, extraction of impacted wisdom teeth, ortho (invisalign), whitening, etc. Originally, I was set on braces as the ortho treatment to correct my teeth and smile, however I was told by an external orthodontist I needed to remove (4) teeth in addition to all of my wisdom teeth. Luckily, I was being treated by Dr. Carpio as my dentist, before starting my ortho with the orthodondist, and Dr. Carpio informed me I was a candidate for Invisalign and he truly believed my teeth would fall in place (using aligners) with only the extraction of my wisdow teeth (saving the 4 healthy teeth the orthodontist wanted to remove in addition). I can say I am more than satisfied with the ortho results and glad I trusted Dr. Carpio professional opinion to go the Invisalign treatment route under his watch. Always had a great experience, the Dr. and his staff have worked with and around my busy travel schedule. Dr. Carpio is attentive to the details and a perfectionist when ensuring my treatments perform better than expected. I’ve referred family and friends to this office, all whom have been satisfied. My wife is also a happy patient. While I have seen turnover of staff, that is standard in the business. My go to staff person is Claudia, a great asset to Dr. Carpio, and a constant throughout the years I have visited. My dental health and smile have never been better. Thank you Dr. Carpio and staff at Dental Dreams Miami Lakes.
– Alvaro

Good job by all the staff, they are good people and very professionals.
– Ramon

Thank you very much for your aƱuda excellent service very friendly Thank you.
– Stefany

Shortly after I started going to Dental Dreams, Dr. Carpio, noticed I was grinding my teeth at night. I never knew that until then. Thanks to Dr. Carpio, who took the necessary steps to prevent further damage to my teeth. The staff is very friendly and totally professional. Kudos to everyone at Dental Dreams!
– Millie

We have been a patient at Dental Dreams for the past few years, they are the best I would not go anywhere else. Dr.Jesus Carpio is excellent ,and the staff fantastic, Claudia and Yari honestly they are the best!!! If you want the best go to Dental Dreams.
– Gema

Dr. Jesus and staff is the best. What ever my issues are the take very good care of me and my family. I love Dental Dream
– Dondre

I’ve been going to Dr. Carpio for over 10 years. The name Dental Dreams is appropiate. It is a dream to go there he always makes sure there is no pain and he has angel hands. My children were 4 and 11 when they first went to see Dr Carpio and changed there opinions about dentist after. They love it. That should say it all. The staff is always courteous and there is never a long wait.
– Sol

Great dentist and staff ! I been here for 3 years and recommend highly. Very understanding and flexible.
– Roselyn